Over 12 years, we created (and recreated) a lot of processes. Countless hours were spent researching, developing policies, and drafting templates. But there were many times when we just wondered, “How does everyone else do it?!”

After we decided to close our business, we spent several weeks collecting our most-commonly used documents to share as inspiration and resource. We hope that these documents will support other independent organizations that are starting or growing.

Mission & How We Work
Employee Handbook
Biz Dev Process
Agency Agreement
SOW Template
Imprint Projects Reader
People Management
Onboarding process / Bingo Template
30/60/90 Template
Performance Assessment – for Managers
Performance Assessment – for Self Assessment
Employee Agreement
Employee Offer Letter
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Contractor SOW
Talent Release

Project Collaboration
Departmental Roles and Responsibilities
Creative Ideation Process
Talent Management Process
Partner Briefing Template
Project Debrief/Recap Agenda

Disclaimer: These materials are for reference only. Please consult with legal counsel before repurposing any of these documents as legally-binding agreements.