When we started this company in 2011, we had little experience in advertising or marketing. We came from art, non-profits, books and education, and we imagined a kind of post-advertising agency that would enrich corporate clients by building brand communities, sharing valuable resources, and creating spaces for connection and exploration.

Our mission was to replace advertising with cultural production and dialogue. Over the years, we made some incredible experiences, partnered with our favorite creatives, and helped grow the world’s most influential brands. We proved, over and over, that investing in community is good for business.

After 12 years, we decided to close the business as responsibly, and respectfully as possible.

There were thousands of people who shared in this journey as employees and partners, clients and collaborators. We are incredibly proud of what we accomplished together, and will remain forever grateful for this network of talented, intelligent, purposeful people.

Partners forever,

Adam, David and Nina

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