The Platform

In 2010, performance innovation was an entirely new proposition for Levi’s. To launch the Commuter brand, Imprint Projects had to build it from the ground up. We rooted the brand story in product and wrapped it in romance. We developed the identity and designed the packaging and brand collateral. Then we brought it to market.

First, we seeded product. Then, we brought it to the right stores. Finally, we took it to the streets. Over six years, we took Levi’s Commuter where the cyclists were – providing resources, creating content and experiences – to connect with the community.

We took Commuter global to launch the 2014 collection, establishing month-long Commuter Workspaces in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London that offered free bike tune-ups, on-site tailoring and more.

In 2016, we turned to global partnerships, con-tent and local activations, and the first Commuter Women’s collection. Finally, in 2017, we developed a new go-to-market strategy and launched a landmark collaboration: the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google.

By the Numbers




Media Impressions


Event Attendees

“I was able to sit and work in a nice place while getting my bike fixed at the same time!”
- Workspace Collaborator
“The newest jean jacket in the world signifies a major milestone in the timeline of this wardrobe staple.”
- SF Chronicle