Imprint Projects

The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original

Imprint Projects has been entrusted to share the historic legacy of the Levi’s 501. This multi-part film is an ongoing documentary project that spans continents, transcends culture, and endures through our modern times. Voices range from cultural icons to factory workers, cowboys, bikers, fashionistas, musicians, and more. This content serves as a timeless global asset for the brand, viewed millions of times in private and public screenings, online and in theaters throughout the world. The story continues to evolve with new episodes planned well into the future.

A musician is like a superhero. Batman, Superman - all them dudes have capes and shit. Well all gangster rappers got 501® jeans.

Snoop Dogg, Episode 5 Music

There are no rules regarding the 501, so it is easy for the 501s to intertwine with Japanese culture.

Fumika Uchida, Episode 4 Japan

Poster created by legendary album designer, Gary Burden.