We develop innovative brand platforms for marketing and communications.

We work as artists, designers and curators in partnership with non-profits, businesses and communities.


Arts & culture consulting
Brand marketing & strategic planning
Design, print & digital media production
Event concepts & production, temporary & permanent venues
Curatorial services & exhibition design
Sponsorship, fundraising & development for artists
Institutional & community partnerships


Adam Katz — President
Alexis Convento — Creative Producer NY
Amanda Weidman — Creative Producer LA
Anna Parnigoni — Project Manager NY
Anna Simonse — Managing Director
Ashleigh Parker — Executive Producer LA
Bernadette Blanco — Account Manager SF
Carson Salter — Senior Strategist NY
Cherish Chang — Junior Designer SF
Christine Wennekamp — Account Director LA
David Jacob Kramer — Creative Director
Emily Presley — Project Manager LA
Emily Walsh — Production Coordinator SF
Jack Foley — Project Manager NY
Jackie Tan — Production Coordinator NY
Jaime Galli — Senior Strategist SF
Joshua Segal — Executive Coordinator NY
Julie Solovyeva — Account Manager NY
Kat Kennedy — Creative Producer NY
Kathleen Kyllo — Studio Manager NY
Kristen Leung — Account Director NY
Lien Nguyen — Account Director SF
Marisa Benjamin — Production Coordinator LA
Matthew Goodrich — Designer NY
Michael Spicka — Studio Manager SF
Natalie Sims — Design Director NY
Nina Sers — General Manager SF
Nina Yu — Studio Manager LA
Paloma Magana — Production Coordinator NY
Peter Heirendt — Project Manager SF
Petey Routzahn — Junior Designer LA
Zachary Hurley — Junior Designer NY

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