Imprint Projects

SPRZ NY: Supergeometric

Imprint Projects developed Supergeometric, the concept for Uniqlo’s Spring/Summer 2017 SPRZNY collection, and launched a global campaign to expand the project.

Inspired by Sol Lewitt, Josef Albers, and other masterful works of geometric form found in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the seasonal theme revisited and reenvisioned geometric shapes in abstract art. Imprint Projects invited contemporary Dutch artist Sigrid Calon to create a larger-than-life installation at the New York flagship store, as well as limited-edition notebooks and tote bags. Calon’s work, as well as imagery featured in the collection, became immersive environmental elements transforming Uniqlo’s retail spaces.

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In just one month, SUPERGEOMETRIC exceeded the previous year’s collection sales by 148%


The concept of ‘wearable art’ is now a reality....