Imprint Projects

Virgin Disruptors: Workplace Wellbeing

For the third Virgin Disruptors debate organized by Imprint Projects, the conversation focused on “Workplace Wellbeing” and issues around work culture—from flexible schedules to gender equality to alternative management models. Sir Richard Branson joined a panel that included Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook / Lean In), Tony Hsieh (Zappos), Arianna Huffington, and other leading thinkers. The sold-out, live-streamed event successfully drove a social conversation and generated record-breaking video views.

An invite-only event for 300 people generated 204M+ Twitter impressions and 134M+ media impressions.


80% of our lives are spent at work. Why should work be miserable?

Sir Richard Branson

Companies organizing their workplaces to enhance wellbeing are seeing immediate results on their bottom lines.

Arianna Huffington