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Commuter Bike Shop Tour 2013

Throughout the Summer of 2013, The Levi’s Commuter Bike Shop crossed the US to connect with commuter communities and cycling advocacy groups in six key cities. The trailer met cyclists on their way home from work to offer bike tune-ups and custom tailoring. In the evening, Levi’s hosted concerts with local bands alongside Goldsprints competitions.


Custom patches created by artists in each city: Harrell Fletcher, Lil Tuffy, Dante Carlos, Daniel Johnston, Peter Sutherland & Jessica Ciocci.


The trailer interior was outfitted with displays of aggregated social media and special content from the “GO TO WORK” digital campaign.


Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Minneapolis & Brooklyn.

Performances by

Pure Bathing Culture, Onuinu, Magic Mouth, FLASH/LIGHTS, South of France, This Will Destroy You, Holy Wave, Night Moves, Tickle Torture, Umami, Javelin, Lemonade, Tanlines