Imprint Projects

Women’s Commuter Launch

Imprint Projects partnered with Levi’s to launch their first Commuter Women’s collection. A coordinated campaign of product gifting, digital storytelling, and live events activated the core women’s cycling community and created a global network of brand ambassadors and shops. Featuring real female cyclists, each riding in their own style along their daily commute, the campaign video was directed by Felipe Lima, with music by Wondagurl.

The video they launched today bursts through a dozen dull stereotypes about both biking and about marketing women’s bike products.

Bike Portland

Custom gift packages sent to 60+ prominent women cyclists worldwide


Launched with shops and organizations in Portland, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.


PR and social campaigns reached an audience of 850k+. Select ambassadors created unique content for features on @leviscommuter to elevate the collection's launch.


Thanks @Levis for inspiring my ride. #commuter