Imprint Projects

Moogfest 2014

2014 was a pivotal year for Moogfest as Imprint Projects helped transform a regional electronic music festival into a global destination at the intersection of art, music, and technology. Futurist thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, artists, scientists, musicians, and Moog devotees joined together for a conversation that spanned workshops and panel discussions to experimental performances, art installations and all night dance parties. 5 days. 18 venues. Over 100 daytime presentations. Over 100 nighttime music performances.

TED filtered through a distortion pedal.

Huffington Post


Best Concert of 2014…. a utopia of geekdom…

New York Times

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Moogfest is the world’s premiere future-synth-technology-mated-with-music festival.



People at the festival were amazed and delighted through this whole thing because it’s obviously not your average music festival.

The Guardian